Holy Google, Batman!

Google apps have been the theme for this week, here in lab.  We’ve been rockin’ the Google spreadsheet and now Steven’s thrown the Google Calendar into the mix.  I dig it.  Google definitely does a terrific job of integrating all of their services.  Soon, I’m sure we’ll all be able to buy personal GPS units so that we’ll be able to post our real-time locations on Google Earth/Maps and setup an RSS feed for our blogs without having to even be at a computer.  Hmmm, maybe I should get that idea notarized/patented…  However, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, I’m sure this sort of fun stuff terrifies you!  Big Brother is watching…

Today’s lab day had Lindsay working on the primer database and learning about making competent cells.  We also learned that the Biochemistry Stores is closed for the remainder of the week for inventory!!  That means we’ll have to wait to pick up some oligos ‘til Monday.  ::Insert angry face made from text here::  Sure, signs are posted to inform us that this would be the case.  Yeah, only next to the Biochem pickup window!  I guess I need to start hanging out in that freaky basement area of the Health Sciences J wing more often to keep up with these types of things (I think not).  Oh well.

Lindsay provided some in-your-face, thumb-nosing action as she departed the lab today to head down to Safeco Field for the afternoon and then to leave for Hawaii (!!!) tomorrow.  See you when you get back, Lindsay!  Happy Independence Day!

UPS (and FedEx, now that I think about it) came frightfully late today (both around ~2:00PM), but brought some needed goodies.  We received the new abalone primers to replace the wrong ones I made earlier (that Lindsay kindly pointed out to everyone in her first blog entry; see below).  Thanks Lindsay!  ;^)

The UPS guy brought inoculating loops, which we desperately needed.  And, as such, Tushara cranked out a BUNCH of streaking onto Q-X plates just as she did yesterday.  Thank you Tushara! 

Tomorrow’s lookin’ good with some PCRing on the schedule as well as chopping up some herring.